Interview with Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen

The creator of vegetative training, Mr. Inge Jarl Clausen, is a native Norwegian who has studied vegetotherapy for six years with established teachers in Norway. He adapted the vegetotherapy for sport and named it vegetative training.
Question: What is vegetotherapy?
Answer:  The vegetotherapy is an intense medical/psychological science/tradition – not an esoteric variation – that has been taught and used in Norway for more than 60 years. It is approved by the Health Government since 1950.
Q: What is vegetative training?
A:  ‘Vegetative’ points to our inner pillars of adaptation – our vegetative system. Our performance frame. Training here means we improve/train the performance characteristic of the organism.
Q: Why do you see vegetative training as a ‘revolution in sports’? 
A:  It’s unknown or new to the sports industry/science that we can remove structures in our vegetative system that limit performance and recovery.
That we can major expand the performance characteristic of an athlete from inside with only laying on a bench. Without touching and without using any machines.
That it is possible to expand lung-volume, make it easier to breath, easier to control breathing, remove resistance in biomechanics, open up the biomechanics of athletes while adapting it to individual needs and optimizing biomechanics at the same time. That way, vegetative training can make riding lighter and easier (same watt output with less energy).  It’s unbelievable shocking new to most people in sports.
Even more surprising is that it is possible to rejuvenate the organism of an athlete and to make him fitter. An athlete around the age of +30 will become a few years younger by applying vegetative training for 2-3 months.
All this together points to a revolution regarding the development of athletes.
Q:  Which athletes did you already treat with the vegetative training?
A:  I already treated a few riders in the Pro Cycling teams Garmin and Astana who know and use my method. And I also worked with some famous footballers of the soccer clubs Manchester City FC and Everton FC. The Austrian National football team went from FIFA rank 46 to 10 after using vegetative training for a year under my guidance. At the moment I am treating a Triathlete with amazing results. Recently with a world top Iron man athlete with overwhelming results. He improved his swim with 20sec per 100m.
Q: What does vegetative training offer to Pro Cycling?
A:  It is also pretty new to Pro Cycling that we can more or less fully recover a rider after a hard race or training. This is, in about 35 minutes of vegetative training. If the vegetative training is used everyday during a grand tour it is possible to be fully ready again for the next Grand tour a few days afterwards.
Some riders will suffer from flu/fever symptoms during the season. This is mostly because Pro Cycling does not have real recovery methods on hand. Using physiotherapy on a totally exhausted rider after a race only adds disturbance to a already overloaded organism and may lead to flu-fever symptoms. With Flu-fever symptom the organism responds to overload. With a 35 minutes recovery session using vegetative training the adaptive physiology will normalize and no sickness will disturb the organism.
I believe that, if the method is used by one of the World Grand tour favourites, we might for the first time see a rider winning all 3 Grand tours (Giro d’Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España) in the same year.
Many thanks for this interview, Inge.
Thank you too.
Mobile Europe: +47 98 6666 53
Facebook: Inge-Jarl Clausen
Skype: ingejarlclausen
Twitter: @ijclausen

Gerd Lombardi
itter: @angeloro

Gerd is a former racing cyclist who works in the media & consulting business since more than 20 years, and combines his racing experience with his media expert knowledge. He is also an independent film maker and a part of the “global cycling tribe” ( that is currently building up a cross-border pro cycling mini team.

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